DMSO---Safe? Effective?

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DMSO---Safe? Effective?

Postby jamesndawson » Thu May 21, 2015 3:00 pm

I've been having some hip and leg pain, which I think is probably due to both my running and long periods of lawn mowing, where I walk quite a distance during a day. Last night was unusually bad. It started in immediately after work. I didn't notice it while I was working. I started out with a couple acetaminophen and later in the night took 3 ibuprofen which alleviated it pretty well, but not quite 100%. I'm still feeling it this morning, but not as intensely.

I'm looking for topical analgesics. I've tried Tiger Balm, and it's okay, but I doubt it would've worked for the hip & leg I had last night. I've also tried Absorbine Jr. which I'm not too impressed with. I've known of DMSO for years but have never tried it. I've read the Wikipedia article with especial attention to the medicinal application and hazards, and see there is some risk in using it. But maybe that's hyped? I've seen it recently at a local natural products store, so even though there were concerns about it when it first came out, I guess it's not considered dangerous enough to have banned.

How many here use or have tried it? Did it work well, not all, or was it just so-so? Does it give you a bad odor? Is it therapeutic or just palliative? Any bad experiences with it? I'm looking for anecdotal information to balance the article I read.
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