Mild Scoliosis correction exercises

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Mild Scoliosis correction exercises

Postby Superflor » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:38 pm

Been doing this challenge and now finding left leg splits and sitting in second and stretching to left cause the start of sciatic type pain and tightness (so stopped doing these things).

I notice I feel tighter generally when I do a side bend to the left. Wondering if there are any exercises that could help even things out (was thinking maybe side bends with a little weight, maybe oblique stuff...)

The scoliosis is lower back and I do a series of physio exercises to prevent hip pain which it used to bring on (I do abdominals, lying on side bending and stretching top leg forwards bent and then straight, lying and drop one leg over to the side, straighten and return and change sides, hands and knees superman type extensions, back raises...).

Been looking a little at yoga. Trying the pigeon pose which feels quite good and stretches out where I feel the tightness.

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