ACL Reconstruction - Anyone had one? Please share!

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ACL Reconstruction - Anyone had one? Please share!

Postby NatB » Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:01 am

I am facing potential surgery to re operate on an already once failed ACL repair. Would really like to hear other peoples experiences and advice.

I have had medical advice but want to hear first hand from anyone who has had surgery and how it went. Also from anyone who may have chosen NOT to have surgery too.

My story is:

1999 i tore my right ACL and medial meniscus playing touch rugby in London. I was misdiagnosed by the NHS (surprise surprise) who made me hobble around on a badly inflamed knee for 15 months. The had me in for an arthroscope to cut out some of the meniscus and realised the ACL had failed.

At that point I was returning to Australia for a while so instead opted to wait another 18 months to get it done there. They used my left hamstring for a graft. So they took a weak and destabilised knee and weakened it further!

I had problems with rehab and kept getting patella pain which limited what I could do.

I battled on but never managed to regain the muscle mass in that knee, cannot straighten the leg and had another surgeon look at it and tell me it was loose.

Turns out it wasnt loose but the entire operation has in fact failed. Only found this out recently after and MRI following injury at the gym. There is nothing left of the original repair except some huge screws!

Needless to say the surgeons want to whip me in again and redo it using an allograft (part of a dead person).

The issue I have is I am the fittest I have ever been and the gym is a huge part of my life. I train daily and can do most things (jumping is a problem and leg kicks in muay thai) but i can run, box, rock climb etc. Yes i get pain sometimes but the doctors cant guarantee i wont anyway.

I just cannot bear the thought of another surgery and all the rehab and lets face it a year til im back where i am at least. And the fact it could fail again!

I have been told I am massively increasing my chance of arthritis in my knee but given that the failed operation was over 10 years ago i figure that horse has bolted already!

Anyway if anyone can offer any first hand advice I would be grateful!

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