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Postby Malcolms Billy » Thu Jan 08, 2004 6:25 am

Another article on obesity + a FORUM where you can have your say. There's one healthy vegan on it already!! :) C'mon lets bombard the BBC with healthy vegans! :D
Malcolms Billy
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mission accomplished

Postby nanoking » Sun Jan 18, 2004 1:25 am

Hopefully they'll post my response. I see at least on of "us" got through!
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Postby Kaz » Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:02 pm

Wow. 33 stone. That's pretty big.

I was amazed at how simplistic some of the reactions were. The guy didn't just say that his obesity was down to advertising, he mentioned a variety of factors: aggressive marketing, parental overindulgence, lack of proper nutritional education, withdrawal from sports as a kid because he wasn't good at them (and so probably had to put up with all sorts of verbal abuse from the other kids), and then once the cycle is established, breaking it becomes overwhelming.

It was good to see someone stating that they were vegan, and how active and healthy they were :)
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