Acid reflux

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Acid reflux

Postby valkyrie_blue » Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:49 pm

Hey there...

Does anyone else have problems with acid reflux? I am looking for ways to modify my diet to increase alkalinity and decrease acidity. Any suggestions? I want to be able to "wean" myself off of any drugs. Right now I'm taking a generic version of Tagamet 2 times a day.

The symptoms mostly bother me at night, or actually, the morning. I wake up with the nastiest sour taste in my mouth. It has been better since starting the acid reducer twice a day, but I'm one of those stubborn types who feels drugs should not be necessary. Has anyone found something herbal that does the trick? I do not get hearburn, just the nasty acid taste in the mouth in the morning and sometimes during the day, especially when straining for any reason. I'm hoping I just got sick and can get to a point where this does not occur frequently! I don't want to be one of those hypochondriacs who are "sick" all the time. I have a huge interest in alternative health/wellness, and see why some people resort to what many would call quackery/extreme diets. It's very hard on the psyche when you are trying to be healthy in your eating habits and more problems errupt! Arrrgh!!!

Thanks for any help you can give. I am hoping someone can turn me on to a drug-free solution. Doctors in my area are not very sympathetic to "alternative" cures. They normally prescribe the "hard stuff" right away, then move on to diet changes, etc.


P.S. Has anyone tried a detox diet for this? I know detox is extremely controversial, but I am willing to try just about anything to feel normal again! :lol:
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Postby Oak » Thu Feb 19, 2004 3:02 pm


I don't really know about acid reflux from a dynamic point of view but i have read about it in context with nutrition.

You probably know all this already...

Your stomach fills up too much with acid (all that peptic acid stuff) this tends to happen with people that need all that acid to digest those difficult things. Like fats and even to some extent proteins.
I have never heard of the medicine that you are taking but it probably does something to reduce the amount of acid.

Do people have varying amounts of acid in their stomachs - maybe you are just unlucky? :( Its a long shot but i remember reading a long time ago something about ginger does something with your stomach acid, maybe it would be worth checking it out.

Have you asked your physician if you could control your symptoms with diet. Maybe eating things that are easier for you to digest.
Are vinegars alkalis? I think that they might be. I use cider vinegar in my salad dressings. But i didn't think that the acid-alkali balance was that important as you body can usually do things to bring it back to a balance.
Although maybe if you have far to much of one or the other?

Sorry if this is just repeating stuff you know or if there are any errors but maybe there is an idea of two?

Oh another maybe obvious thing is the length of time you leave before exercising and eating. When you eat the acid in your stomach gets higher therefore increasing the chance of an acid reflux.
I got it once when i was doing circuit training.
So i leave an hour before normal exercise and an hour and a half before tummy bending exercises (like Yoga and circuits and heavy abs work).

Hope that you find a solution,
Oak :D
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acid reflux

Postby brenda » Thu Feb 19, 2004 11:29 pm

hello Valkyrie

You have my sympathies, it's pretty unpleasant. My mother has the same problem and is on the same drug treatment as you are, and I'm concerned that she hasn't been offered any advice as to diet or lifestyle changes, which would seem the obvious thing to do really.

Please do let me know what you find out so i can pass it on.

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Postby Dee » Fri Feb 20, 2004 3:37 am

Have a tsp of slippery elm powder and sugar, mix as a tea half hour before meals. Also try licorice tablets you should found them at your health food shop.

Stress could have a bearing on acid reflux so maybe look in to that.

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Postby valkyrie_blue » Fri Feb 20, 2004 5:34 pm

Thanks, I will try your suggestions...

Funny thing is I thought of licorice for some reason before it was suggested. Psychic? :roll: Ha, ha, ha...I know it's used for digestion, plus I like it. Yummmm...

I know it is frustrating to hear when people are not offered any solutions other than drugs for their problems. When I went in to the doctor initially, he prescribed a couple of things to "shut me up" IMHO, basically Sudafed(psdeuoephedrine) and some Lidocaine mouth solution(my tongue was completely sore from the acid). Neither doctor mentioned anything about me changing my lifestyle habits or inquired as to what they were. Arrgh!

On a similiar note, my mom was recently tested for cholesterol and immediately put on Lipitor when it was discovered her numbers were high. How about eliminating some cholesterol sources from the diet and/or suggesting exercise? It makes me mad that doctors either seem too lazy or too cowardly to expect people to try to change. I know many people won't, but at least they could try!

I mentioned to her that although she doesn't eat "much meat" or "that many eggs", that quite a few things(many which people don't even realize) contain cholesterol from meat, dairy, and eggs. Now, if only she would become a vegan. Fat chance(no pun intended), as my father has recently been on again, off again with the "Fatkins Diet". I'm waiting for them to keel over entirely!

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Postby Pete » Fri Feb 20, 2004 9:56 pm

Some people have found that probiotics can help. You can get them from health food shops in the fridge. I've also noted that L-glutamine can help with tummy problems (that's personal though, I'm not sure it would work for everyone?).
Slippery elm is good, it is said that soaking linseeds (flax seeds), so that weird goo comes out, then eating the goo & seeds (you'd also get your omega 3 EFAs that way too).
Might be worth trying out things one at a time, so you can see if any of them work, otherwise you might be buying loads of stuff & only one is effective?
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oak & more

Postby ctchrinthry » Sat Feb 21, 2004 4:33 am

Vinegar's an acid ( acetic acid ) so vinegar won't help.

Supposedly lots of fiber with low fat will help. And water. But i suspect you're already doing that. Suppsedly alcohol, chocolate, and caffienes cause acid release too. Another source says that cutting out the onion family will help.
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used to suffer

Postby prefab » Mon Feb 23, 2004 2:09 pm

hey there I empathize with your upset
First of all, you've probably got a variety of dynamics going on here which if you really take them on you can get rid of what ails you and drop the drug suppresant. Your body is basically screaming at you for you to break some kind of pattern you've got going.
A) Stop eating 4 hours before bedtime-decreases late nite acid production and allows proper growth hormore release which is inhibited by insulin in the bloodstream which occurs after eating.
B) Chew your food let the enzymes in your saliva and mastication break down your food this is the beginning of proper digestion. Your stomach may be making more acid to compensate for the lack of chewing and enzymatic breakdown from the saliva. Slow your Roll, enjoy food as sustenance. Think before you eat will this cleanse or clog me?
C) drink half your body weight lbs in the corresponding number of fluid ozs PLUS 16-32ozs for each hour of exercise. example 100lbs/drink 50ozs. plus 1 hour exercise=66-82ozs add a pinch of sea salt to your jug of water for the day-buy a faucet filter and jugs.
D) Don't drink copious amounts of water with or immediately after meals-your pancreas and body work hard to create the enzyme mix to digest your meals don't mess with it. Likewise take enzymes before meals.
E) In the morning drink a glass of water immediately followed by green drink mixed in water 15mins later then wait 15-20mins for breakfast. do this upon rising. Do green drink before dinner.
F) calcium-magnesium drinks on occassion
G) eliminate acidic forming foods/drinks-caffeine/alcohol/drugs/carbonated/flour/most beans/sugar/animal products/unhealthy fats (flax, olive good, nuts)/tofu/processed foods/limit or eliminate soy milk. Do eat greens, bright colored veggies 60-70 percent of your plate-eat a raw enzymatically rich lunch aka salad, groats for breakfast (like oatmeal).
H) Before bed have half-cup/1cup of soy kefir (yes i know it has evaporated cane sugar in it-so limit the use). The probiotics will help clean up your GI.
--Don't worry this prolly gonna disrupt your bathroom patterns for awhile too,lol, but hey after 1 week you'll have a new GI lining and things will begin to improve dramatically.
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Acidy stuff

Postby Oak » Mon Feb 23, 2004 5:12 pm

Thankgoodness someone clever pointed out that vinegar was actually an acid. :D
Where do i get these things from? :lol:

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Re: Acid reflux

Postby Constanza1775 » Mon Feb 23, 2004 9:46 pm

Dear Angie,

I used to suffer from serious acid reflux myself, and I also looked for alternative solutions. As a singer, reflux was detrimental to my voice, and my voice teacher had some suggestions. The order in which you eat is important. Start a meal first with your drink (preferably H20), then fruit, then the main course. Drinking during or soon after a meal will cause the acid to churn up more. Wait at least 1 hour before drinking after a meal. Chewing papaya tablets directly after eating can prevent acid reflux. I also find that drinking soy milk can soothe the burning. Avoid spicy foods, citrus, and an excess of such foods as tomatoes and onions. Excess oil and fat should also be avoided. I've also found that eliminating carb from my diet (for weight loss) was detrimental. Try to include at least one serving of carb in each meal. Of course, regular excersize and sleeping on an incline can also help.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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