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Preparing a diet based on BMR calculator output

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:59 am
by jb85
Hi all. I'm trying to lose weight and am therefore preparing a diet. I've calculated my BMR using BMR calculator and found out that my BMR is 1983 calories. I am 179 cm tall, weight 88 kilograms and 28 yo (I've calculated BMR using BMR calculator). Now I am aware that BMR is not the total calorie expenditure per day and since I am doing exercises (mostly running every second day) I chose "light exercise, 1-3 day per week". Now it says that my daily calorie consumption is about 2727 calories which seems a bit high. Since 20% calorie deficit is recommended for effective weight loss I should be eating about 2182 calories daily, right?
Can someone help me build up menus for every day in the week? I am fairly new to all this vegan scene so I am not so familiar with all the foods available...
Thank you in advance for your help.

Re: Preparing a diet based on BMR calculator output

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 12:21 pm
by blinki
Calculators give you a good starting point but are far from exact. It just told me mine's is 2673 based on moderate exercise, I know from experience I need to eat the better part of 3500 a day to maintain my weight. So to know for sure you need to pick a good guess and see what the scales does after a week or two.

I think it's pretty hard to suggest a total meal plan to someone because there are so many options out there. What do you eat now? If it's just a matter of cutting calories out then you can work from where you are now. If you need to learn more vegan dishes then I think the best thing to do is find a recipe book/site you like (or several) and work through new recipes and especially try new things. It does take time to develop a new set of regular meals. Though they don't all really need to be properly new, most things can be vegan-ised so you just work out how to make old favourites vegan.

Re: Preparing a diet based on BMR calculator output

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:39 pm
by silver
oooh, entire new recipe/meal plan.

toast and avocados or mushrooms, tofu, onion and rosemary
baked beans, veggie sausages, hash brownss and fried bread
fruit, lots of fruit.

fillings, any or all of the following: guacamole, baba ganoush, sun dried tomato tapenade, houmous, avocado, fresh leaves of any description(preferably edible!), raw pepper, mushroom, onion, pine nuts, toasted seeds, onion bhaji, dressing of choice. Basically anything!

pasta and sun-dried tomato paste with fried garlic is a nice quick and easy lunch too.
baked potato, easy with a microwave.
miso soup
avocado, carrot, apple and cashew salad. (I basically throw in anything I can eat raw..)
tomato and lentil soup, soup-er simple, tin of tomatoes, some fried onions and some lentils. basil and rosemary work well with this one

stir fry
thai curry
indian curry, there's a lifetime of culinary exploration just in those two words!
vegetable stew
leek, carrot, cashew and marmite pasties.
veggie sausage pie, lots of broccoli, onion and tomato.
risotto (butternut squash works well in this.)
nut roast
leek and potato soup
apple and parsnip soup
roast butternut squash soup
roast vegetables in balsamic vinegar

Is that enough to be going on with?
You'll find recipes for all of these within seconds using google. other search engines are available...
I'd advise on controlling intake by portion size rather than foodstuff.
By replacing supper with fruit and water and using smaller plates I lost 35lbs. YMMV.
Something else I've seen to be effective is to have a really low calorie day every now and again.
The numbers game seems a lot of effort, but each to their own.
For me losing weight was way harder than quitting smoking. It might not be such an easy ride, again YMMV

Hopefully this is all helpful.

Re: Preparing a diet based on BMR calculator output

PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:09 pm
by ratfan
Fitness blender: ... 32941.html
have a really REALLY helpful vegan diet e-book with everything you need to calc your BMR and pick the calorific diet plan to suit. They even provide a shopping list.