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Re: Doctor wants me to gain too much weight?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:27 pm
by Hiking Fox
Bear in mind as well that "optimal" is a very subjective word.

If I was looking after a dog whose ribs and spine were clearly-visible, I'd conclude that he was too thin and feel him up a bit, but my boyfriend is that thin and he's happy with it. The difference is that I, as the dog's carer have control over his food source, whereas my boyfriend has control over his own food. He wants to be thin, because he's a mountain marathon runner and hates carrying any excess weight. He very rarely gets ill. He gets sick of people telling him he is "too thin" and resists any attempts to persuade him to gain weight. That choice should be respected.

If the OP is experiencing health problems that worry her, yet wants to be really thin, it is a predicament. imposing standards of "optimal" weight won't help. Trying to persuade her to reluctantly accept very unwelcome doctor's advice, without getting to the root of the problem (body image?) is a bit like cutting cancerous tumours out of a heavy smoker, without offering them advice and support in giving up smoking.

Re: Doctor wants me to gain too much weight?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:44 pm
by Ombah
[quote="JP"][quote="Ombah"]I'm 169cm tall and the last test I did said that my ideal weight is 62kg. My current weight is 52kg so I guess a doctor would tell me to gain weight. I have tried to gain weight since I was 15 but my metabolism is too good!

can you write down for few days what you actually eat :)

the metabolism differences are usually quite small percentage wise, so that should not be stopping you! Differences in appetites are much bigger.

Sure I can. But I've laid off with the weight gaining now and put more focus on running where my light weight is a benefit!