Thrive Diet and complex carbs

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Re: Thrive Diet and complex carbs

Postby ColleenE » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:55 pm

[quote="jpowell"][quote="ColleenE"] BB justifies eating so many fibrous veggies vis a vis other things because "the body must break down complex carbs into simple carbs before it can burn it, which takes extra work. Extra work requires energy

This does actually make some sense, but would be a valid justification, if for anything, for eating more sugar (e.g. sweet fruit), or at least glucose and maltose, not for eating more veg. The difficulties with that comes in the form of (1) far too much fructose (if you just eat standard cane or beet sugar or most fruits), and (2) concerns that too much high Glycaemic Index (i.e. rapidly glucose yielding) foods at once might have serious health concerns. The first can be solved by taking a glucose supplement, maltodextrin or maltose. The second cannot, but can be partly solved by malt, partly solved by high moderate GI high glucose fruits like bananas, partly ameliorated by exercise and partly overlooked in the name of performance and priorities. This brings us back to a role for low GI carbs (or very approximately, complex carbs) to preload in the 24-48 hours before exercise, even if we don't prefer them during, immediately after or immediately before.

There is also a justification for eating quite LARGE quantities of veg (just not necessarily instead of concentrated carbs!). Although they contain a lot of low GI carbs, further diluted by lots of mostly relatively imbalanced protein, lots of fibre and water, making them, by BB's logic very metabolically stressful, many provide some of the best absorbable concentrations of minerals and antioxidants available (even more so if you calculate per kilojoule, although that might be of limited relevance here). The difficulty then becomes how to consume large amounts of vegs in addition to cheaper and more concentrated energy sources, without spending all your time eating and without getting too much fibre or even too much water. I reckon Carl Lewis might have been onto something with veg juicing!

There is also a justification for some people eating a lot of fat, especially a lot of saturated or monounsaturated fat (rather than, say, a minimum 10-30% by calories/kilojoules as fats just to help with fat soluble nutrient absorption and provide enough polyunsaturates for key body functions), but I'm not sure to what extent it's very generally valid, except to say it's not hugely valid for me and probably even less so for endurance athletes like yourself.

Yes, precisely! The logic of justifying eschewing potatoes because of the energy it takes to break it down and then advocating for a diet 50% of mostly raw fibrous vegetables just does work. You're right about the benefits of veggies--good point about the juicing/ fats etc.
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Re: Thrive Diet and complex carbs

Postby alexander » Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:48 am

Yes that's right it's not! But I think it's still quite valuable.
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