Soaking your nuts and grains

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Re: Soaking your nuts and grains

Postby beforewisdom » Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:48 pm

[quote="Koa"]We are not raw foodists btw. I first came across this concept in Brendan Frazier's book. I am mainly interested in removing the phytates.

In particular with almonds you will notice they become sweeter especially when you remove the skin after soaking.

Sprouting would probably even go further and take more time. We only do a small amount and consume them within a couple of days.

I've heard he only has a few and then weak references to support the claims he makes in his book. No disrespect to Frazier, I haven't read Frazier's book.

You may not need to worry about soaking your nuts.
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