Recovering from surgery - suggestions?

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Recovering from surgery - suggestions?

Postby draco880 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:32 pm

Despite being 27, I just had my tonsils out the other week, and have developed some complications that necessitated another round of cauterizing. The back of my throat is pretty torn up, and due to the tonsilitis and now this I've lost a significant amount of weight. Does anyone have any good ideas for soft, smooth recovery and rebuilding food? I have an immersion blender and a food processor, which have both been very helpful, and I'm not too far from Food Fight, the vegan grocery store in Portland. Any thoughts on supplements would be welcome, too. Right now I'm just doing Vega and soy protein, having run out of omega 3s the other day.
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Re: Recovering from surgery - suggestions?

Postby thestoatyone » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:36 pm

Peanut butter, soy milk and banana smoothy maybe?
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Re: Recovering from surgery - suggestions?

Postby baldy » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:48 pm

Soya yogurt, leek and potato soup.
Do you get instant mash potato there? We call it smash, just add hot water to make mash, its great and you can make it a little more runny.
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