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Re: tingeling and numbness

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:39 am
by ha
I remember last year moving to a new place that didnt have wireless coverage so I would carry my macbook in my backpack and ride 30mins each day to get reception.

After a few weeks I started getting hardcore nerve pinches in my neck so I just left my computer at a friends place and rode with no backpack for a week and then it went away. Then I started using the backpack and it came back..

Recently I got another 'computer injury' from sitting with bad posture whilst working 12hours a day at a desk. I got 6th overall in a marathon and literally couldnt walk for 3 days and then was off the bike for 2 weeks. Now I have A grade p posture when on the computer and all is good.

Good thing about being a vegan is we learn things quicker than SAD eaters cos we are told we are going to fall apart and if anything happens to us, we are quick to take action.

39% of the US is b12 deficient so taking a supp regardless of ones diet makes sense. I was anti sup for years but now can see the value in b12 supps considering we live in such sterile, polluted and excessively stressful environments.

I got 7th place overall in the Davao City Half marathon this month. Smoked a few packets of cigarettes I reckon via all the pollution here. Wont stop me from wearing my 'go vegan' singlet and representing.