What did you eat during the last movie you watched?

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Re: What did you eat during the last movie you watched?

Postby susand828 » Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:04 pm

This thread is hysterical! I think I had a diet soda at my last movie(Yes, I know that the aspartame and chemicals are leeching my brain cells as we speak:). I have had plain popcorn too-but have been blessed with the family metabolish(Think: nada)-so have to watch what I eat meticulously.

I don't mind eating-or even a some chatter-but the next mo fo that sits beside me and doesn't notice that his cell phone is LOUDLY ringing-might wear some aspartame home on his head! Do people think that they are so important that they can't miss a call during a movie? I will give him credit for silencing it when I said "Now, I KNOW you can hear that!" :D
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