vegan diet misinformation

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vegan diet misinformation

Postby Malcolms Billy » Sun Jan 18, 2004 6:43 pm

I thought I'd forward this message (not sure whether it should end up here or on the nutrition forum tho), as there is yet another idiot slagging off the vegan diet. Drop her a line if you fancy!

See ya,


It has come to my attention that Dr Mirian Stoppard wrote in last week's
Mirror (8th Jan) that a vegan diet is low in iron and that vegans are
to be anaemic! We vegans may not be celebrity doctors like Ms Stoppard but
we know that our diet is the finest there is and that according to Stephan
Walsh PhD on page 122 of his excellent book "Plant Based Nutrition and
Health, "Plant-based diets easily meet and readily exceed the recommended
intakes of iron in the UK. Many common plant foods, including potatoes,
wheat, oats and most berries contain more than 10 mg of iron per 1000
calories. Lentils, soya beans, pumpkin seeds and beans and greens contain
more than 30mg per 1000 calories." (and they don't contain loads of
artery-clogging chlorestrol

Can we please all write to Dr Stoppard and ask her to get her
facts right before slagging off an environmentally sustainable diet that
could feed all 8 billion of us if we'd all have the sense to adopt it.
there is lots of iron in beef, but hasn't she heard of methane,
deforestation and global warming? It makes you wonder what these doctors
learn at medical school, doesn't it?)

Her address is Dr Miriam Stoppard, FREEPOST, Daily Mirror, 1 Canada
Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5BR.
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