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First timers comp results

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:12 pm
by Jonathan
Right! A mini write up for todays strongman!!

It was a stressful morning for us all. I didn't have much of an appetite and only got an oat shake in for breakfast. I played a bit of Diablo to relax and went for a short walk with Kathryn.

We had to be there for 10.30 and set off at 9.30 so that we were a little early. The organiser, Big Al, went through all the events with us and then we sorted out the running order.

The field was 18 men in total.

We warmed up in time for the 12 noon kick off.

First event - log lift:

This was using an 80kg IFSA spec log, and was done with two logs, so that the athletes were lifting head to head.

First up was Brian with another chap. He made a fast first rep, and fought an impressive second rep for a PB. 2reps

Second up was Wayne (Deckerz). This was one of only very few occassions that Wayne has lifted a log, and he made 10 easy reps! Excellent stuff, and tied for 2nd place in this event. 10reps

Third up was JP. His log pressing has been particularly impressive recently and he did not disappoint! Every rep he made looked pretty easy, and it was only chronic lack of fitness ( :P ) that held him back. Nevertheless, JP made 6 reps for a 2 rep PB.

Alex and me were the last two up, head to head. Alex's main aim going into the event was to clean the log, as pressing it was unfortunately not likely. Impressively he made 4 good cleans and came pretty close on one of the presses.
The log press felt very good for me, and despite it being the first time trying an IFSA log, I made 7 reps in about 68 seconds for a 2 rep pb.

I overall in that event Wayne placed joint first, I got about 7th place, JP about 10th, Brian joint 15/16th and Alex 18th.

Event two - Yoke and drag:

This was a 220kg yoke for 15m, and then run 15m to drag a 300kg chain 15m.

First up was Alex, who made a quick yoke walk without any drops, and nearly got the chain drag in one go but for falling just before the line. Excellent effort.

Second up was Brian who made a quick yoke walk too (around 16 seconds) and valiently battled with the chain, and almost completed the chain drag in the time limit. Following this event, Brian vomitted! :?

Third up was JP, whoose yoke walk was easily a pb. The chain drag was easy for him!

I was fourth up. The yoke was slightly unfamiliar for me but I picked up the speed towards the end. The chain was fine, but maybe not as quick as normal. Still a fast time though and I think that I was in the top 4.

Fifth up was Wayne, who was very fast throughout and was just a touch slower than myself.

Third event - Farmers walk:

This was done over a 15m course, with turns at 15m. Max distance in 75seconds with 100kg.

First up was Alex, who made a PB of 30m with the farmers. A good fight for the last 10m or so. Very good effort!

Second up was Brian. Brian has never walked with 100's before and amazingly managed 15m and made the turn, only for the grip to fail just after. 8)

Third up was JP whose farmers walks have been impressive recently, and he didn't disappoint with about 35m (2 turns). Unfortunately he gripped a little too far back on the handles and this worked against him.

Fourth up was Wayne. He had torn the callouses on his right hand in the log press (the silly bugger had done highland games training yesterday and had huge blood blisters on his hand). Never the less he made a respectable 30m with two turns.

I was up last. I didn't like the farmers that much as I found them quite cumbersome. The high pickup was nice but the grip wasn't great so I only made 52m, with three turns. No excuses really. I should have done better. Fourth place I think in the end.

Fourth event - Medley:

This involved carrying and loading a 65kg beer keg onto a 4.5ft platform, carrying a 100kg duck walk 15m, sprint 15m to the tyre, and then flip it 5 times and sprint to the finish.

First up was Alex, who made good time with the keg and duck walk. Now Alex is the tyre flip master and made the 5 flips in no time. Unfortunately there was some confussion about sprinting to the line, and Alex lost about 8 seconds on this. Good time nevertheless!

Second up was Brian, who actually ran with the keg (first time I have seen him move faster than an asmathic ant with heavy shopping), made good time with duck walk. He took a leasurely jog to the tyre and flipped it 5 times to make the distance inside the time limit. Great stuff! :mrgreen:

Third up was JP, whose overall time for the medley was superb. He was fast throughout and clocked in at about 50seconds.

Fourth up was Wayne, who like JP made no mistakes and did the whole thing in 42seconds.

Fifth up was me, and at this point I was little fatigued and generally not 100% speedy. I did the course in 45seconds. Again about 4th place I think.

Last event - Atlas stones:

Five stones, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 kilos, loaded onto a 4.5ft platform. There was about 3m between all the platforms.

First up was Brian, who quickly made the 80 and 90 but due to the brand-newness of the stones (and the layer of dust coating it) couldn't get the 100kg stone off the floor. Good effort!

Second up was Alex, who chose to lift topless in order to shame us all! The first three stones went up in no time, but the 110kg just eluded him. He had two attempts at it that were 95% and 98% the way there. 8)

Third up was JP. He launched his way through the first four stones, lapped the fifth, but it was just too much on the day. Very respectable!

Fourth up was Wayne, who frankly makes the stones look like little pebbles! He was the first man to make all five stones, and received a tremendous applause from the 100+ spectators! A good time also!

Finally I was up. My technique is slightly slow, but quite reliable. I made all five stones in 33 seconds, which I think was the third fastest time.

It took the refs a few minutes to tot up the scores. Final placings were:

Brian - 17th
Alex - 16th
JP - around 8-9th place (apolagies to JP for not remembering),
Wayne - 5th
Me - 3rd.

The great thing was the closeness of the top three. I ended up with 75 point out of a potential 90, but there was only 1 point between the top three. So it could not have been closer!

I got a little trophy, and some suppliments (which I gave to one of JPs mates as they were obviously not vegan).

I am really happy with the result. Five vegans competing the field, and two inside the top 5. I am particularly happy as I didn't expect to do better than 7th!

A grand day out :D


PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:18 pm
by albin
Excellent work, all of you!

Good write-up as well. Now I'm just waiting for some pictures.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:21 pm
by ultra_whippet
Sounds like a fun day! Congratulations to all of you :D

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:22 pm
by fredrikw
sounds like a great day out. congratulations all of you! especially jonathan who didn't only managed to get in on a 3rd place, but also worked his memory hard to remember all the details :D

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:26 pm
by seasiren
Great job everyone, congratulations to all! :)

Jonathan simply fantastic! 8)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 9:20 pm
by JP
Jono, thanks very much mate for the report, considerably better than my version would have been:

had the comp. Absolutely bolloxed now

Hey i am really proud and happy for all who had the balls to take part. 7 people pulled out of the comp last minute - so I think anyone who hit the field has some fucking guts.

I am over the moon about my performance, wee bit of fitness and speed would have helped and farmers went wrong because of my grip being so far behind and the implements were so different that it tilted too much from the start...

Looking forward to the pics and videos!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 9:30 pm
by tylerm
awesome! I just read this as a good amp up as I am about to go do my strongman session today, look forward to seeing any pics / videos as well

Re: First timers comp results

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 9:54 pm
by Kryptonite V
Thanks Jono for the summary! Not much to add :)

It was good fun, though i'm disappointed about my performance in almost every event (except log, where i knew i would get 0 reps). I made stupid mistakes and was under my own goals :?
Gained a lot of experience though :)

Respect to Brian for battling on so brave in spite of not feeling well!

I also was impressed by JP's fitness - seriously! Good stuff! :D
(i still think the medley was too short - there should have been more objects or 10flips instead of only 5 ;) )

Deckerz put up a fantastic performance - with open, bleeding wounds on his hand! :shock: Really impressive! :)

Only a tiny slight correction :roll:
[quote="Jonathan"]I overall in that event Wayne placed joint first, I got about 7th place, JP about 10th, Brian joint 15/16th and Alex 18th.

Not quite - in my defense, i shared the last place with another guy who failed to lift the friggin' log overhead once ;) :P

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:23 pm
by JP
Krypto, man that medley was a bummer! Thats a big lesson, if you have to start first on many events it is REALLY hard to dig yourself out of there, you learn so much by just watching the other guys do it!

JP = cardio bunny :D (in all honesty: i just didn't bother breathing while doing the events, only small shallow breaths, thats why i was so dead after every event!)

I wrote a report to another board which couldn't enjoy Jonathans accurate and timely reporting, so i'll paste it here:


I am absolutely bolloxed guys after the comp and the drive down to Manchester, so forgive me if i am a bit confused about the details...

I better just mainly say how my run went, and let JonnyMills and Anthony The Machine (if the bastard ever registers on the forum :D ) fill in their slots.

I'll also copy and paste bits of Jonathans report (Jonathan and Buzz/Brian are also members on SB forum)

First event - log lift:

This was using an 80kg IFSA spec log, and was done with two logs, so that the athletes were lifting head to head. From floor to overhead with "good lift" command on the top.

Firstly, waiting for the command was hurting loads of folk, Milsy as well, it was eating seconds from every rep.

I nailed 6 reps - 2 rep PB which was a total suprise. The overhead press part was really easy to my suprise, but ran out of fitness. Was ready to give up (misheard the ref to say 10 seconds left) but as the crowd started shouting i jumped back and nailed my best and quickest rep as my 6th :) Seventh was a no go and desperate attempt.

Milsy hit 8 or 9 reps, Anthony 7, Jonathan 7 and Buzz 2.

Event two - Yoke and drag:

This was a 220kg yoke for 15m, and then run 15m to drag a 300kg chain 15m.

The yoke was much more stable than the one we train at Milsys with, so that was an easy PB for me. Chain was not too bad either and i kept the pace up. I think i lost couple seconds in my poor sprint from the yoke to the chain lol!

Third event - Farmers walk:

This was done over a 15m course, with turns at 15m. Max distance in 75seconds with 100kg.

Anthony hit 53m, milsy got second longest with 60ish and i did 38 - my grip was bad from the start, took them too far back and the implement tilted too much forwards. The pick up was easyer on these than on the ones we use at Milsys.

Jonathan hit 53 and brian a 20m PB of 20m :cool:

Fourth event - Medley:

This involved carrying and loading a 65kg beer keg onto a 4.5ft platform, carrying a 100kg duck walk 15m, sprint 15m to the tyre, and then flip it 5 times and sprint to the finish.

Here sugden boys had some serious bad luck, two competetors dropped the keg and they were Milsy and Anthony - both are too quick for their own good! The balance just goes too much forwards if you try to run with it, even if it does feel really light on your hands.

Me on the other hand am so slow that i cant do that even if i tried :D

I was much faster on this event than i thought - the tyre was flying! Really happy.

Last event - Atlas stones:

Five stones, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 kilos, loaded onto a 4ft platform. There was about 3m between all the platforms.

here sugden boys all got 4 stones, which is not bad for me and Anthony, and milsy was losing steam after being sick between events :(

Jonathan nailed all five stones, one of the only four who managed, so that was awesome.

Note to myself: These comp stone badboys are miles harder than the ones at Milsys - or would others agree with this? Smooth as babys bum...

Because milsys solid performance on first three events, he nailed second spot of the comp even if losing ground on last two. Solid.

I am very happy about my performance, apart from farmers. I left good number of strong and fit fuckers behind, so cant diss that. I learned loads and know where my main weakneses are:
- Obvious: get stronger
- get fitter
- get faster
- get more explosive
- endurance

The camraderieship was awesome and the comp organising was great. So many competetors and still the whole day was done in just under 3 hours. This was a great experience and cant wait to get my hands dirty again!

One thing i have to say is that i was suprised that 7 people pulled out last minute. There were obviously some who had to pull out due to injuries and other commitments, and two competetors had to pull out in the middle of the comp due to injuries. But i think anyone who had the balls to step in and get into the arena deserves respect and applauds. Too often people wait until they are really strong and good to have a go.

Vids and photos hopefully to follow.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:27 pm
by Jonathan
Good write up JP - excellent reading :D

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 11:53 pm
by hardcore iv
Congratulations to all those who competed.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 6:43 am
by bronco
Great work all of you :D ! And congrats to the third place jono :) .

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:37 am
by JP
hey thanks everyone from my part :D

heres a write up from the comp organiser:

Hi Everyone,

Today went very well, of the 25 competitors listed 18 competed. I hope that everybody( Athetes, Officials and Spectators alike) had an enjoyable day.

I would like to give a MEGA THANKYOU to the following:

To Sponsors:

Whey Consortium
The Muscle Mafia

To Jamie Barr and Colin Bayne for refereeing and assisting with scoring as well as lugging equipment about, to Raymond Christie(He's not Heavy, He's my brother!- depending what way the light hits him he looks under 105kgs....NOT! :P) and Neil Hamilton from Shetland who lugged equipment about throughout the afternoon. They all done a great job in ensuring that the equipment for each Event was in place and reset for each competitor and that the timing and measuring(when required)of each event was carried out and relayed to the Table.

To Luciano's Snacks(FIFE) for ensuring that Athletes, Officials and spectators alike didn't go hungry or thirsty during the Afternoon.

To All the Spectators who came along and supported the Athletes.

But, most of all, to all the Athletes, that busted a gut in training in preparation for today, for not only "TALKING THE TALK" but "WALKING THE WALK" and putting in great efforts in every event and making for a great Competition.

Finally, to each and everyone of you who competed today, I take my hat off to you most sincerely, because no matter how well everything else has been organised, without you guys there would be no competition, in my eyes you are all winners.

Again, Thankyou, everyone.

Yours in strength




Greg Drummond 12 reps
Stephen Cherrie 10 reps
Wayne Phillips 10 reps
Jonathan Mills 8 reps
Ross McSkimming 8 reps
Kris Malcolm 8 reps
Anthony Green 7 reps
Sean O' Hagan 7 reps
Jonathan Robinson 7 reps
Joni Purmonen 6 reps
John Morison 5 reps
Johnny Sinclair 5 reps
Mike Fraser 5 reps
James Gillespie 4 reps
Brian Cuninghame 2 reps
Richard Ingram 2 reps
Colin Lindsay 0 reps
Alexander Dargatz 0 reps


Jonathan Mills 23.53 secs
Jonathan Robinson 24.50 secs
Wayne Phillips 26.34 secs
Stephen Cherrie 27.46 secs
Greg Drummond 28.31 secs
Sean O' Hagan 28.56 secs
Johnny Sinclair 28.70 secs
Ross McSkimming 31.24 secs
Richard Ingram 31.28 secs
Joni Purmonen 32.28 secs
James Gillespie 32.48 secs
Anthony Green 33.10 secs
Kris Malcolm 33.76 secs
Mike Fraser 33.98 secs
Alexander Dargatz 40.81 secs
John Morison 41.62 secs
Brian Cuninghame chain 14m 30cm
Colin Lindsay yoke 2m 80cm


Johnny Sinclair 60m 65cm
Jonathan Mills 59m 90cm
Anthony Green 52m 80cm
Jonathan Robinson 48m
Stephen Cherrie 45m 30cm
John Morison 45m
Kris Malcolm 41m 55cm
Richard Ingram 40m
Joni Purmonen 38m 10cm
Sean O' Hagan 33m 65cm
Mike Fraser 33m 50cm
Greg Drummond 33m 10cm
Ross McSkimming 30m
Alexander Dargatz 30m
Wayne Phillips 30m
James Gillespie 15m
Brian Cuninghame 15m
Colin Lindsay 6m 30cm


Wayne Phillips 43 secs
Johnny Sinclair 44.92 secs
Jonathan Robinson 44.96 secs
Stephen Cherrie 46.34 secs
Ross McSkimming 47.84 secs
Joni Purmonen 49.89 secs
Greg Drummond 50.20 secs
Jonathan Mills 50.43 secs
Mike Fraser 52.24 secs
Sean O' Hagan 57.04 secs
Richard Ingram 57.21 secs
Alexander Dargatz 60 secs
John Morison 62.24 secs
Kris Malcolm 63.70 secs
Brian Cuninghame 76.20 secs
Anthony Green 78.95 secs
James Gillespie 79.76 secs
Colin Lindsay retired


Stephen Cherrie 5 stones 25.01 secs
Johnny Sinclair 5 stones 31.28 secs
Jonathan Robinson 5 stones 32.10 secs
Wayne Phillips 5 stones 43.95 secs
Sean O' Hagan 4 stones 18.95 secs
Jonathan Mills 4 stones 20.80 secs
Anthony Green 4 stones 26.76 secs
Joni Purmonen 4 stones 28.01 secs
Mike Fraser 4 stones 38.90 secs
John Morison 4 stones 43.31 secs
Kris Malcolm 4 stones 54.86 secs
Greg Drummond 3 stones 19.40 secs
Alexander Dargatz 3 stones 23.15 secs
Richard Ingram 3 stones 25.80 secs
Ross McSkimming 3 stones 26.14 secs
Brian Cuninghame 2 stones 16.17 secs
James Gillespie retired
Colin Lindsay retired


Stephen Cherrie
Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Robinson
Johnny Sinclair
Wayne Phillips
Greg Drummond
Sean O' Hagan
Joni Purmonen
Ross McSkimming
Anthony Green
Kris Malcolm
Mike Fraser
John Morison
Richard Ingram
James Gillespie retired after Medley
Alexander Dargatz
Brian Cuninghame
Colin Lindsay retired after Farmers Walk

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:38 am
by Jonathan
Double results post editted :D

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:41 am
by fredrikw
could someone please post the final results?