Were to get weight set

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Were to get weight set

Postby harlequin » Sat Oct 30, 2004 9:01 pm

Hi all

Looking to get hold of a weight set, found the following but wondering if anyone had had dealing with any others. Don't know what the average price pound per pound is and don't really wont to get ripped off.

gymratz.co.uk/weight-training-gym-equipment/cat3_1.htm <2 inch set
www.mensfitnessmagazine.co.uk <then under shop weight sets

Ideally would like something around the 100-150kg mark with a bar and two dumbs included, or will it end up being cheaper to just buy them seperate? and what are some decent brands? Kind of feel like a fish out of water around this stuff.

ps anywhere close by the west midlands would be especially nice, may aswell keep the local business running.

Thanks for any insight's

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Postby JP » Sat Oct 30, 2004 10:25 pm

hi mate,

have you checked places like loot or ebay? There are plenty of old weight sets going cheap from all those good intentions whiehc never really materialised ;)

If i was you i would get a good olympic barbell - this because if you hang out on forums like this you'll be pulling megaweights in just couple years time, toy bars which are at risk on 150kg+ will become useless sooner than one thinks. There is a strong health and safety aspect to consider.

Some people i know have ordered stuff from gymratz and they get good recommendations.
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Postby Mary » Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:08 pm

[quote] toy bars which are at risk on 150kg+ will become useless sooner than one thinks.

Good to know! So far haven't got over 85kg on anything, but then, it has only been three months!

First time I tried an olympic bar bell for my bench press, I couldn't lift it empty. Seriously. Now my max is fifty kg total, and am planning on adding five to my max in the next few weeks. :twisted: And it is only three months since I first lay there on the bench feeling like a girly failure!

It took Neil five years to double his body weight. I bet you can do it too, so invest in your future, and get a decent barbell. Should be worth it.

And post your gains![/list]
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