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Re: muay thai

Postby tempehmomma » Fri Oct 06, 2006 11:53 am

I also hear Krav manga is really good. Probably more practicle the Muay thai as it is derived from israli military training (right?) and involves everything including weapons.

Late response. I have trainined in KM and MT. The KM civilian version is taught in schools. KM teaches gun, knife, and stick self-defense (pipe or baseball bat/crickett paddle in some countries). I personally am not concerned about weapons self-defense it has never been an issue in my life. Didn't I already say this in another post. :? I would not say that KM is more practical than MT. Both MA practice a lot of elbow/knee strikes, different variations of those techniques. MT teaches boxing hand techniques where as KM emphasises palm strikes and hammer fist more than boxing. KM teaches a front snap kick which I do not consider to be as powerful a kick as a MT teep, which is a straight kick that is thrusted and the striking surface is the heel of the foot off of the back leg as opposed to a front snap kick striking with the ball of the foot. I also think that a MT roundhouse kick is more powerful than a KM roundhouse kick. A MT practioner could break someones leg with a kick to the thigh. On the streets kick to the knee "grasshopper." :lol: KM teaches a front groin kick where as MT does not. KM teaches grappling standing and ground work, escapes from chokes/lapel grabs.
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