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Postby prenna » Sun Aug 29, 2004 2:43 pm

Amir Khan's fight today was fantastic. The guy was up against the best there is and he went at it like a champion. I knew after he took the first round that the second would make or break the fight and it did. Amir came back brilliantly in the third and forth rounds. He took the silver medal but he truly is a real champion and you could see that Kindelan really respected Khan as a fighter.

I just hope the hawks keep their claws off Khan for a while and let him stay amateur till he's 21 or so. The reason why British amateur boxing is in such a state is that as soon as a fighter does well he turns pro so the amateur game isn't allowed to develop. At the moment Khan seems like he is up for Beijing which would be great for the sport.
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Postby Mary » Sun Aug 29, 2004 3:59 pm

I felt gutted for Khan, but really impressed with his courage and skill. By Jaysus, the lad is only seventeen, and as you say Prenna, he made a great come back in rounds three and four. But also, it was a clean fight. Not like one of the earlier ones where the guy who took the gold spent the last round running away, or trying to smother his opponent.

One of the best moments for me was when he stood up to take silver. The Cuban fighter was talking to him, and although you could see the poor lad was feeling his defeat, you could also see the Cuban really respected him. And then Amir, being a nice lad, threw the bouquet to his mum, and trotted to the crowd to kiss her. And Neil and I went "aw."

Lovely lad! And I am glad he wants to go to Beijing. He said yesterday that he wants to go with his brother, which means that he won't turn pro too early.
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