k-1 GP 2007 Musashi vs Yong-Soo Park

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k-1 GP 2007 Musashi vs Yong-Soo Park

Postby ^toby^ » Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:22 am



Musashi got kicked in the nuts three times, poor bugger.

You can see Musashi lost control after he knocked Park down... but don't forget he's got kicked in the nuts three times.

I might control myself and sue him if I were Musashi

"Park let the feet fly from the start, and Musashi had a tough time closing. A Park low kick hit Musashi hard below the belt and the Japanese fighter was given a minute to recover, while Park was issued a warning. Incredibly, almost immediately after resumption Musashi caught a second boot to the orchises and this time went down writhing. Ringside officials now gave a yellow card and one-point deduction to Park and a five-minutes of recovery time to Musashi. Alas, he could not recompose, so both men were sent to their dressing rooms and the fight was resumed after the fourth quarterfinal."
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