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Debates in Ethics and Politics section

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 3:04 pm
by stateofflux
In recent weeks there has been a couple very heated threads in the Ethics and Politics section. This is of course only a tiny fraction of the veganfitness posts but enough to make a few members very upset.

In future moderators will try to enforce these simple rules more carefully:
- personal attacks wont be tolerated
- threads which don't stay on topic will be split
- threads which get heated will be locked fast, new ones can be opened to keep the discussion on topic so it is no big deal
- and moderators will take extra care not to break these rules themselves as well :wink:

It would be useful if everyone would be considerate of a few things in their discussion board communication.

1. That online discussion is obviously very different to face-to-face communication and it's easy to be much nastier hidden behind a computer than facing the people you are debating with in a room, so if you wouldn't say what you are going to write to a persons face, don't write it. If you would say what you want to write to a person's face, remember that the repercussions of that are very different on a discussion board to what they would be in real life, where you have more immediate and synchronous engagement.

2. What you write is here for the duration of the Vegan Fitness's lifespan, for everyone on the web to see unless it gets removed by you or an admin, so its always worth remembering that if you are going to respond (especially in the heat if the moment.)

3. It's only a message board, don't take it too seriously :wink: