Debating a 'moral anti-realist'?

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Re: Debating a 'moral anti-realist'?

Postby etherspin » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:49 am

[quote="rattus"][quote="JP"][quote="etherspin"]My question would be "which would you object to more, me running my lawn mover over 50 square metres of lawn or 50 square metres of kittens ?" :mrgreen:

hole in one :D

And if the answer is "I couldn't care less"?

I'd be stoked to have a different answer to the question for once and would instantly give them a fatal blow to the brain for being a dangerous sociopath

I'd doubt their sincerity though,really.
Would such a person thieve and rape their brains out (being careful with an eye to self preservation I suppose).

My original question is a bit of a joke but is also to cut the BS and get down to the nitty gritty - so many people I have spoken to about ethics (who were anti vegan) try to out talk me or talk round in circles and when a point is validly addressed they will quickly change their example or hypothetical rather than concede a point. Another tactic is to make veganism seems overly complicated,esoteric,symbolic or ineffectual - all reasons I like the kitten/lawn grass dilemma !
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