London Riots

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Re: London Riots

Postby Bounce » Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:27 pm

Meh... The riots just annoyed me...

The papers were dominated by either the usual chip-on-the-shoulder "string 'em up" or the middle class guilt of "poor working class kids" without really addressing how complicated situations like this are and without looking at how many groups were involved. It also surprised me at how hateful and ignorant a lot of people seemed to be, with some shocking statements on Facebook about how all young people have iPads (apparently) and get what they want and how today's youths are "scum" and a "lost generation"...

First it was a black problem... Then a youth problem... Then it turned out all kinds of people were involved, including gangs. Now the councils are talking about evicting entire families as a kind of revenge against the rioters because obviously, putting people on the street instead of inside a prison cell, or on a curfew is obviously gonna make our streets safer. :roll:

Veganlifter, what part of the UK do you come from? I'm from North Wales and I don't think the issues would happen there. Communities are poor, but they are strong. There isn't the rift between older and younger people, nor is there the disrespect a lot of older people have for youth where I am from. Whilst it isn't a fashionable view to have, I do think a lot of older people have no respect for younger people, so it goes both ways (not to say it was only younger people involved in the rioting).

I do think that there's an issue of consumerism and greed. Granted, that laptop or flatscreen TV may be the only TV or laptop a lot of these people have ever had, but people were looting entire shops and sometimes setting them alight. I kinda wonder how much of this was gang activity.

To be honest, I have lost a lot of faith in humans following the riots. I don't think I have the faith in human compassion enough to be a socialist any more and I was truely shocked at the bigotry of some people, which the riots have brought out. Politicians loot our expenses, people are made homeless by wars in the name of natural resources, but a bunch of people in the UK smash up some shops and suddenly the problem is the blacks and the youths who have too much...

Shame on every person who takes that line. :(
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