Porn = not vegan

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Re: Porn = not vegan

Postby JP » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:44 am

dont worry dude.
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Re: Porn = not vegan

Postby xrodolfox » Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:30 pm

[quote="JP"]boys, could you agree to disagree because it sounds like a pot shot comp now rather than discussion :)

Sometimes I like to get a bit in the rough.
I wish that it hadn't gotten so bad, though.

It's nice to have a reminder to slow it down. It looks like it's too late, though. Having RBE leave was not at all my intention. :(
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Re: Porn = not vegan

Postby drrtyoldpunk » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:05 pm

Condemning all porn as being exploitative is unfair. I agree that mainstream porn does enforce gender stereotypes of big stud/slutty girl, which is something that needs addressing but on the other points such as drug addiction.. well, yeah but drug abuse is rife in the fashion industry, the media industry and the banking industry to name but a few so it's not an exclusive problem of the sex industry. I also disagree with the notion that porn actors are coerced, desperate or not mentally healthy. I'm sure some are but the few people I know who work in the industry take pride in their jobs and are happy with their choices. There are alternatives to mainstream out there. Little independent collectives mainly female-led and/or queer. It's harder to find but it is out there.

Edit: and I really must learn not to respond to just the first page! Time to figure out how to have the most recent posts displayed. :?
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Re: Porn = not vegan

Postby knackers » Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:34 am

I havent read all of the pages but too the subject of porn being vegan, I take it as is porn ethical, my opinion is NO.
Theres lots of problems I can see with the porn industry making it very unethical in my eyes, e.g. > its all built around money with practically no-one in it for sheer joy of being exposed to the world and the ones that aren't paid regret it later on, the predators are far too many as are the prey, woman are constantly taken advantage of and pumped full of drugs and porn consumers would have no idea if the woman even consented to it or not, rape porn for example falls under the banner of porn as does fetish porn where woman are tied up, how do you even know that it isnt actually a rape scene that you are witnessing, you might opt for a lebian scene or a solo scene.. how do you know that the people involved are not desperately in need of cash and severely regretting that they are at that point however cannot see a way around it and are victims of the monetary system.
I think as much as people enjoy it and want to believe that there is good porn out there, these are selfish ideas to make it ok in ones own mind.
I have met a couple of victims of porn who regret it dearly, after being exploited to such an extent its not uncommon for such a person in such a stage of regret to feel suicidal enough to take there own life.
So long story short, my opinion is against porn altogether, I see too many victims, lots of exploitation, and quite frankly too many selfish perverts jacking off over drugged up woman at their computer desk that they will never have a chance with in the real world, disgusting...
Reminds me of a case I read where a guy went out and raped a heap of children after watching porn, more evidence that porn gives a pretty horrible message to people who somewhat think its ok to recreate what they are seeing.
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Re: Porn = not vegan

Postby Konstantin » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:33 am

I kind of agree with aspects of both the last two posts even thought they're very different. Fundamentally I have no problem with people watching sexually explicit films. In rwality there are so many horrible stories about how the industries operates there's more to it than that. I alse hear so much about why porn has to be more than just watching people have sex. There's so much about agression, control, overpwering, etc. and that has to be completely unhealthy. Everything I hear just makes it clear it's a fucked up industry that thrives on perversion. If that aspect exists, n wonder people get drawn by it to crimes.

Having said that, maybe I'm the wrong person to comment because I honestly don't get the point of porn. I'm not claiming to be pure, I get prostitution - sex on demand without the committment, maybe with someone who'll do your fantasies etc.. Really not for me but I get why people will pay. Watching and not participating? Don't you just feel left out? Maybe that's just me.
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