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Is joggling a good way to promote veganism?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:13 am
by veganjoggler
I recently started running marathons. My next marathon will be the Brooklyn Marathon on november 17th(last year about 500 runners). Unlike most other runners, I'm a joggler, which means I juggle while I run. I find this makes running more fun and forces me to use the best running form. It also attracts a lot of attention. I couldn't get over how loudly people cheered for me during my first marathon(that is so amazing!), and sometimes during training runs. Occasionally, some people do get hostile.

During my first marathon, I didn't wear anything that showed I'm a vegan. During my second marathon I will wear my vegan T-shirt(it simply says "vegan" on it), so everyone will know that I am not just a joggler, but a vegan joggler. Sometimes I question if this mixing of activism with athletics is a good idea. Some people think I am just "showing off", or I am too full of myself, or its a gimmick. Or maybe it is too intimidating. I love the idea of being a good example of a vegan runner, even if I am a middle of the pack kind of runner(3:51 for first marathon). The idea that I am helping to destroy the common myth of vegans being weak is irresistible to me. I think this does help promote veganism, even if it does turn some people off. Any thoughts about this?

Re: Is joggling a good way to promote veganism?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:56 am
by xrodolfox
I think that the general consensus at this site, with a majority of folks who identify as "athletes" or at the least "athletic" is that wearing vegan wear at events is really awesome.

My person experience of wearing vegan labeled merchandise at events, whether athletic competition, daily life, or art events, has been quite positive. Wearing stuff that says "vegan" has helped me meet other vegans, sparked conversations from strangers, and has generally been really great. I think the idea of wearing your identity and/or beliefs on your shirt is quite common these days. The fact that a shirt may simply say "vegan" is quite tame.

I also think that being "out of the closet" is incredibly helpful. People think of vegans as the rare person who is sick at work. It is quite useful for all of us to wear a shirt at a marathon, especially for "regular" folks who are in the middle of the pack. I personally hope you'll wear such a shirt. ;)

Re: Is joggling a good way to promote veganism?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:55 pm
by hakko
I'm wearing a vest like this for races:


It's a great way to promote veganism. I've only gotten positive and curious comments about it. Having a conversation about the benefits of veganism is definitely easier after a good workout when I can tell that I've been a vegan for over ten years (I think twelve) and doing decent results.

Just make sure you don't drop any objects and stop to pick them up, I'd be pretty pissed if somebody did that in front of me for a race that I have prepared a long time for.

A guy from one of my clubs ran a marathon wearing this costume:

He said he got constant applauds for the whole race, and helped a few people spurt at the end of the race as they wouldn't be beaten by a gorilla. And he did upset a few people as he (in their view) didn't take the race seriously. They felt a bit degraded by the fact that they had had this marathon as a goal for a whole year, and he took part in a very light-hearted manner, thereby diminishing their effort. I'd guess you'll raise about the same feelings...

Re: Is joggling a good way to promote veganism?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:34 pm
by veganjoggler
Wow, a gorilla costume. Maybe I should do that. Just kidding.

When I joggle I start out in the back and tend to joggle along the side, pretty much out of the way of everyone. This way if I drop I am not in anyone's way. So it looks like this is a great way to promote veganism, so long as I don't drop too often.