Please support Vegan Chef & Bicyclist injured while biking.

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Please support Vegan Chef & Bicyclist injured while biking.

Postby loveliberate » Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:53 pm

Hi All,

I know Piper and just found out the sad news that he'd been injured. Piper has been a solid part the Portland Vegan scene for a number of years, supporting many projects, being actively involved with several of our VegFest's, opening a veg*n restaurant/store/community space, running his own vegan food cart and he even won one of our Vegan Iron Chef competitions! If you are at all able to donate to support him please do! Either way, please spread the word!

* Laughing Planet - support Piper Dixon
Wednesday, April 3, 2013 @ 8:15 PM
Laughing Planet Cafe, 3320 Southeast Belmont Street, Portland, OR

" I'll have a meetup sign, if I remember. By now, I'm sure that many of you have heard that Piper Dixon (chef/owner of the former Kitchen Dances food cart) had a terrible bike accident. His current employer, Laughing Planet, is collecting donations for him at all locations. So, lets get together to share food and make a donation, whatever you can, to help Piper. His medical expenses are going to be extensive and he will not have any income for a long time as he recovers."

" March 28, 2013 - While riding his bike home March 17th, Piper Dixon, an employee of the Gabriel Park Laughing Planet, was involved in a hit and run accident. His injuries were severe, though he is recovering fine. Piper is a long time cyclist and needs our help. We are raising money to help cover Piper’s medical bills, rent, and to cover days that were missed at work and we need your help. More: ... undraiser/ "

Here's Piper's Bio from VegFest 2011, followed by an article about him winning the Vegan Iron Chef:
"Piper Dixon is a self taught vegan chef of eleven years. His passion for preparing quality vegan food is stepped in both the ideas of health and compassion of vegan cuisine with those of the meaningful relationships that are part of the agrarian concepts of food and community. He believes deeply in not only serving cruelty free foods but also in buying directly from local growers and producers. The benefits to individuals, families and communities by eating a locally sourced, plant based diet makes it imperative that all eaters think of the consequences in their daily food choices. Piper graduated with a Horticulture/Vegetable Production degree from Oregon State University in 2003, worked at Nearly Normals, in Corvallis, worked Portland Farmers Markets for Deep Roots Farm, Co-founded Proper Eats in St Johns in 2006 and currently runs Kitchen Dances, a vegan and raw food cart, with his partner Mandi. Piper won the 2011 Portland Vegan Iron Chef and is contributing a multi-course vegan meal for the Montavilla Farmers Market for the second year. Piper wishes good health, good eats and a quality life to all beings."

- ... he_he.html
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