Eat meat to get fitter

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Eat meat to get fitter

Postby Konstantin » Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:23 am ... /8426.html

[quote]Staying slim doesn’t have to mean a diet of lettuce. In fact, if you’re running and looking to stay trim, it’s essential you get the building blocks to rebuild your metabolism-boosting lean muscle. The main ingredient, protein, is packed into meat.

The trick is to get maximum muscle repair and metabolism boost with minimum belly expansion by opting for lean, nutrient-rich cuts.

Chicken breast is the obvious choice, and though this low-fat protein hit should definitely be part of your nutrition plan, working different meats into your diet will save your taste buds from monotony and deliver a wide spectrum of the nutrients that turn your body into a lean machine.

“Meat provides iron to help maintain energy levels,” says dietitian Rikki Keen. “It also supplies protein and amino acids that repair the muscle tears that occur during training.” Here are the best lean meats for a lean you.


Craving a juicy steak? Go for it! Beef is rich in vitamin B, which helps convert carbs into the fuel needed to power you through a run, rather than the wobbly stuff that lingers on your waistline.

A 100g serving also supplies 34 per cent of your RDA of zinc, a mineral essential for a strong immune system. You’ll get two milligrams of iron, too, which is a plus because “running, especially high mileage, breaks down red blood cells, so athletes need about 30 per cent more iron than non-athletes”, says Keen. That’s 10mg for men and 23mg for women daily.

Keep it lean

Lean cuts include sirloin, fillet steak, flank or 95 per cent lean minced beef. The perfect portion is palm-size.

Dark Chicken Meat

Don’t believe the myth that the juicy meat found in chicken thighs, wings and legs is off-limits because of its extra calories and fat. A 100g breast packs 161kcal, while an equivalent portion of dark meat only runs up to 200kcal.

And while dark meat does have more fat, less than four grams of that is the saturated variety. To balance those ‘extras’ you get more flavour, immune-boosting zinc to keep you up and running, and iron to keep your oxygen-supplying bloodstream on top form.

The bottom line is that dark meat is a healthy way to add variety to your diet, says sports dietitian Molly Kimball.

Keep it lean

It’s the skin that contains most of the unhealthy saturated fat, so buy boneless or skinless pieces, or cook with the skin on, then remove before eating.

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Re: Eat meat to get fitter

Postby beforewisdom » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:33 pm

Reminds me of CNN ( Cable Network News ), they are very progressive and good as far as televised news goes, yet they accept long propaganda-like commercials from the coal and oil industries.
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