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Vegan Japanese Cooking Classes in London

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:16 pm
by NatB
Hi everyone

Hiromi Stone runs traditional Japanese cooking classes in her loft flat in Kings Cross London.

Up coming classes include :

Everyday vegan dishes - Wednesday 6 June

There is a long tradition of vegan food in Japan through the Buddhist temples and this class teaches how to make some of those

Vegan Sushi - Wednesday 13 June

Sushi, vegan style.You get to make sushi rolls and vegan inari as well as gomoku sushi (a mixed veggie sushi)

Maximum of 4 people per class so they are intimate and you all sit down after and enjoy yhe meal together!

Cost is £40 per head

Am doing a class Wednesday so will post some pics and reviews!!

For more info check out

Re: Vegan Japanese Cooking Classes in London

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:06 am
by NatB
Vegan Sushi Class was fantastic.

Only 4 of us in Hiromi's beautiful loft flat in Kings Cross. You sit around her giant stainless steel worktop gas hob nibbling on her Kinomi nuts while she explains the basics and origins of sushi making. Vegan food in Japan originates from the buddhist temples and is also traditonal at funerals apparently.

We learned to make Sushi Rice, Dashi Stock (vegan version with shitaki as the traditional version has bonito flake), Miso soup from scratch, Futomaki, Inari (the sweet tofu pockets), Gomoku and Pickled Ginger.

We all had a go at making our own sushi rolls (the trick is not to overfill and roll with one hand and pull with the other)

The best bit was the end when we say down to eat everything. The miso and the inari were the best I have ever eaten, a testament to the fact that its all about the quality of ingredients. Any left overs you get to take home too!

One thing I learned was that sushi is not as healthy as everyone believes. Usually cooked by the Japanese on special occasions it is chock full of sugar (we used agave) and salt!

Haven't figuered out where to put the pics so i can display they are only on FB at the moment. But highly recommend the classes! Am off to one thats based more on day to day food next month!