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Marathon des Sables

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:09 pm
by Konstantin
Does everyone know about this? In case you dont....

Vegan marathon runner, VF member and animal sanctuary founder Fiona Oakes is running Marathon des Sables in April. Sh'es covering 156 miles of sand, rocky tracks and trails in extreme temperature. She's carrying everything apart from her tent - food, water, supplies etc.. She's aiming to be the first vegan woman to complete what is called the Worlds Toughest Footrace.

She needs to raise sponsorship, which goes towards Facing Africa which is a charity supplying doctors to Africans with serious facial disfigurement. Fiona has always made it clear she only does these things to prove the case for veganism. She's trained incredibly hard, which is amazing considering that she's up before dawn to care for the 400 animals on her sanctuary. Recently she ran the Dartmoor marathon, carrying weight in prepaperation, and still set a course record.

Please sponsor her:

Re: Marathon des Sables

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:39 am
by baldy

[quote]The Marathon des Sables (MdS, Marathon of the Sands, or Sahara Marathon)[1] is a six-day, 251 km (156 mi)[2] ultramarathon, which is the equivalent of six regular marathons. The longest single stage (2009) is 91 km (57 mi) long.
This multiday race is held every year in southern Morocco, in the Sahara desert. It is considered the toughest foot race on Earth.[1][3] The first event of the Marathon started in 1986.

This will be an amazing achievement for Fiona and great vegan advertising as she will be wearing a Vegan Runners kit.