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Music, camping and (of course) a walk up a welsh mountain...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:30 pm
by mabli
5 and 6 May we're putting on a vegan-camping-and-bands-and-for-anybody-who-feels-like-it-walk type event. Its at a really lovely site that has undercover areas for music, piza ovens, fires and its all nestled in a valley not far from Bangor, by the mountains, with a stream and rope swings and with easy access to a main road but you wouldnt know it...

We have to pay the guy £5 per tent, so if you've got a massive tent loads can fit in

I reckon it'll be good fun, especially if some of you lot come :-)

Re: Music, camping and (of course) a walk up a welsh mountai

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:54 am
by loveliberate
This looks great & I'd love to come if I was in the area. Hope y'all have a great time! :D \