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Katrina Fox on ARZone

Postby Sunkanrags » Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:56 pm

Katrina Fox is a freelance journalist, originally from London, and based in Sydney, Australia, for the past 10 years. She went vegetarian at age 11 when her mum told her the ‘beefburger’ she was eating was once a cow, and became involved in animal advocacy in the late 1980s with London Animal Action and again in the late 1990s, becoming a vegan in 1997.

Katrina has written several articles on animal rights and welfare for the mainstream media in Australia, including The Sydney Morning Herald, News Limited’s The Punch, the ABC’s The Drum opinion website and women’s magazines YEN and Mindfood. She has written extensively for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer media (GLBTIQ) internationally for nearly 15 years. During her year as launch editor of a queer women’s magazine from 2007-2008 for Australia’s largest GLBTIQ publisher, she ran regular articles on animal advocacy. She has also contributed articles to Vegan Voice and The Vegan (Vegan Society UK’s magazine).

Just under 18 months ago, she started The Scavenger, originally a monthly but now bimonthly, not-for-profit (ie unfunded, labour of love) online magazine with a strong social justice ethos (people, animals, environment), where she publishes a range of voices from within the animal advocacy movement.

Katrina is interested in intersectionality – how different forms of oppression are interlinked – and has presented at animal rights events and feminist conferences on this topic. As a journalist – rather than a philosopher or academic – she aims to act as a conduit to get the ideas and work of animal rights theorists and activists out to the general public in an accessible way.

Despite the many descriptions bestowed upon her by commenters in the mainstream media (‘crazy lesbian vegan’ and ‘mung-bean-munching hippie with an iron deficiency’ being just a couple), she thinks of herself as an abolitionist with welfarist tendencies.

Katrina lives with her long-term partner, Tracie, who was a bisexual carnivore when they first met, but made the transition to lesbian vegan quite quickly. A tabby cat, Gabrielle, lives with them.

For more information visit www.katrinafox.com and www.thescavenger.net

Katrina welcomes the opportunity to engage ARZone members on a range of topics, including her work with The Scavenger, on intersectionality, her extensive literature and her activism and philosophies in general.

This is an event for which questions must be submitted to ARZone prior to Midnight GMT, Tuesday 19 July via email to Carolyn@ARZone.net.

ARZone is supportive of education, critical thinking, rational discourse, and aims to provoke intelligent dialogue about issues that most concern members of the animal advocacy movement.

ARZone does not endorse or promote the views of its guests and forum participants; ARZone does endorse and promote creative education efforts.


3:00pm Sat July 23rd Pacific Time
4:00pm Sat July 23rd Mountain Time
5:00pm Sat July 23rd Central Time
6:00pm Sat July 23rd Eastern Time
11:00pm Sat July 23rd UK Time

8:00am Sun July 24th Australian Eastern Standard Time

To find your time for this chat, please use this conversion site, or feel free to ask for help.
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