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Hi! I'm back again

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:35 pm
by jemmyducks
Dear Vegan Powerhouses,

I'm Sebastian from San Francisco and I met some of you in 2006 at the International Vegan Fitness Week in Stockholm. That was fab.

I'm now a full-time fitness trainer, health coach, and dancer. Been vegan since 2003 and really happy (and surprised) to see how common discussions about plant-based lifestyles are now, and also how many companies are working on vegan food products as Western markets move that way.

My weekly exercise life is:
2 x Running
2 x Strength
2 x Dancing

Plus walking and biking for transport.

I've won a few awards as a trainer, including Champion of the "Battle of the Best Trainers" in 2014, which was a straight-up athletic competition for SF trainers. That was a big moment for me.

Hope to connect with some of you here!