Looking for Gym Buddy/Personal Trainer (Melbourne, AUS)

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Looking for Gym Buddy/Personal Trainer (Melbourne, AUS)

Postby dave-in-oz » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:08 am

Hi all! So glad I found this site.

My girlfriend and I have recently (1 year) become vegetarian and trying extremely hard to transition into veganism. I'm also currently lacking motivation to do exercise. I'd really like to build some muscle and tone up as well as just feel better, energized and actually crave physical activity.

I'm hoping to find someone who might like to buddy up to motivate each other but maybe also someone who has a little more experience/knowledge of a healthy vegan diet.

We live right near the Melbourne CBD and actually have a (smallish) gym in our apartment building which makes me feel even more of a slacker seeing as it's so close and I don't have to pay a membership fee. Reply or contact me if you're interested.
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Re: Looking for Gym Buddy/Personal Trainer (Melbourne, AUS)

Postby baldy » Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:36 pm

I am sure the guys from Melbourne will reply but have you looked at this -> http://www.veganstrength.org/
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Re: Looking for Gym Buddy/Personal Trainer (Melbourne, AUS)

Postby loveliberate » Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:36 pm

Hello and Welcome! :D Best wishes on your search.
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Re: Looking for Gym Buddy/Personal Trainer (Melbourne, AUS)

Postby knackers » Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:37 am


Bit of a late reply... Im about an hour from the city, so a bit too far out, but you are right about getting a training buddy for motivation, its alot harder to be lazy when someone is relying on you to train with them..

Mate, you are lucky to have a free gym setup, :shock: I would be hooking in to that.

Goodluck with your training!
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