Oy, from the shores of the mighty Yahara...

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Oy, from the shores of the mighty Yahara...

Postby madpogue » Wed Aug 25, 2004 4:13 am

Just sayin' "hey", since I've been lurking for a coupla days and starting to post.

Found out about this joint via organicathlete.com . Now, how I found out about organicathlete, I've totally forgotten. Apparently being both vegan and fairly fit doesn't help a cr@ppy memory. I'm a mod at vegpeople, and a minor irritant at bikeforums.

Been a vegan "officially" since '97 (our trip to the Farm Sanctuary hoe-down put us "over the top". We were "visible vegans" for many years before that, and lacto-ovo since about '86. We're Motor City expatriates (gawd, do we miss the middle eastern food!), now (and for good) calling Madison, Wisconsin home.

I've been a bike enthusiast ever since I got my first Sears single-speed at 10. Did some serious road-bike miles in the late '80s, picked it up again briefly in about '93, but then home ownership and cat rescue kinda took over. Got a new-used roadie last year, and a brand new one this year, so I'm back to pounding the miles (2600 so far this year, including commutes / errands / tandem rides with my wife). For the most part, Madison's a great town to be a cyclist. But like the song goes, "I can't complain but sometimes I still do." Alas, I see scarce little cross-pollination between the veg*n community and the cycling community.

I'm not into building muscle mass big-time, or even keeping a strict regimen. I'm too old to care about how I look, even to the non-veg*n community. It is fun, however, to be fit enough to smoke past omnis ten years my junior. My current quest is for an entry-level no-leather pair of road shoes, pref. SPD and Speedplay compatible (will post a thread in the appropriate place in due time...).

I see a couple other members from Milwaukee (yo hey, vegan-e's folks!), but almost no mention of Madison. Any other folks from the general area here? ("Course, if there are, we probably already know each other; this is the world's biggest small town.)

See y'all on the forums.
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Postby JP » Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:33 am

welcome to the board MP!

I used to know someone from madison, I think his name was Dan, I stayed at his place in -94 or 95 for few days, he was one big muscly vegan mountain biker!

Hope you'll like it here and find it useful!
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Postby fredrikw » Wed Aug 25, 2004 3:10 pm

hello and welcome, always nice to have more cyclists around :D
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