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About Vegan Fitness

Postby JP » Thu Jan 08, 2004 10:24 pm

Vegan Fitness is a community driven message board which seeks to provide a supportive, educational and friendly environment for vegans, vegetarians and those seeking to go vegan. The subject range covers all matters relating to nutrition, food, diet and sport specific information no matter what the activity or the experience level is.

The goal of the board is to become an active and thriving community of people sharing information, learning from each other and empowering themselves in the process.

The board was set up in January 2004 by ethical vegans who were active members behind the email list at www.veganbodybuilding.org. But because it is a community driven board it means that the board is essentially yours. We do this voluntarily, with no profit/income because we are passionate about the issues.

There are no undisputed experts or "board owners". Everyones contribution is valuable. Please treat this as your community.

If you have any suggestions to improve veganfitness.net, please feel free to email or PM (sending a private message via the boards PM system) one of the moderators or voice your opinion at the general discussion section.

Please register!

Please register at http://www.veganfitness.net/profile.php?mode=register if you haven't done so already. By registering you will be able to post messages to the forum and you will receive a newsletter via email every 1-2 months with nutritional information, training tips and so on.

By registering, and of course by posting questions, opinions and answers, you will also support the board and help it to grow.

Also when registered you can take advantage of the array of features the message board has to offer. You can easily see where there are new posts (marked by different colour symbols), view new posts after your last visit and so on.

Please help people to find the board

If you have any friends who might be interested in what the board has to offer, please send them our address. Also, if you look after a website or are a member in mailing lists or message boards which are related to vegan/vegetarian issues, animal rights and so on, please link us in.

Vegan fitness rules

1. Racist, sexist, homophobic and other discriminatory messages will be edited by moderators and the poster may be banned. This also includes anti-vegan posts and posts promoting animal products. The internet is full of forums where such opinions can be aired and it is only fair that veganfitness.net remain a safe haven for active vegan people.

2. Be nice and respectful. Let the issues fight, not people. Many message boards sink to slander, insults and flame wars. Moderators will edit or delete posts which are insulting or made with intent to stir up fights.

3. You are free to promote your own things from related events, vegan companies, professional skills etc. in your signature and in the General discussion section. Please do not promote non-vegan businesses and events on this board.

Contact information

If you have any questions, comments, problems, or have anything you would like to inform the site admins of this board about, please contact us via PM:
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