Veganfitness newsletter 5/05

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Veganfitness newsletter 5/05

Postby JP » Sun Aug 14, 2005 11:53 am

Hello from!

Hope your activities are progressing well and you are enjoying the summer (for us in the northern hemisphere!). is doing really well. We went over the magical 50k post mark a while back and current amount of members stands at almost 1200.

Upwards and onwards!


Veganfitness runners meeting in Amsterdam
16th of October at the 30th edition of Amsterdam Marathon members are participating in the 10k runs and are looking for more people to take part.

For more info:


From London? members are meeting for a gym training session on wednesday 17th of August:

***************************** vegan sports conference
24th of September, San Diego US

Talks, demonstrations, good food and company, see more information at:

***************************** sponsored a light hearted competition for members for best improved powerlifting total and best improved physique.

Powerlifting improvement results are in with some great jumps in totals in the past half a year:

Improved physique results will be in soon!


Featured vegan/animal rights site:

See what a group of individuals can do for veganism in their local area!


Stay strong, stay active!


Do not worry about this newsletter clogging up your mail inbox as it will come out very rarely. If you wish to change your email, please use the profile edit page at: ... ditprofile
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