Veganfitness newsletter 1/04

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Veganfitness newsletter 1/04

Postby JP » Sun Feb 01, 2004 8:28 pm

Welcome to the first newsletter of Veganfitness!

First things first: thank you for registering at Veganfitness! The board started on 4th of January this year and already has 157 members with close to 1300 messages, that's over 40 messages per day! On top of that, the board has been receiving literally hundreds of visitors from all over the world.


Discount to all Veganfitness users at online store with a wide range of vegan goods including supplements and vitamins is offering 10% off of all orders over US $30 for all veganfitness users. To use this, just look for the "Enter Coupon" link in the shopping cart area and type in the code "veganfitness" to activate this discount. The offer is valid until the end of February.


Tip of the month: Training log

How much was your shoulder press last December? How much has your bench press progressed in the last 6 months? If you are a runner, how much faster is your 10k compared to a year ago? How much has your bodyweight changed in the past 3, 6 and 12 months?

Without writing things down in a training log, tracking progress is an impossible task. And progress is what sports, training, losing or gaining weight is all about A training log is a handy way to see how your training is going and if the routines and methods you are using really do work and yield results.

Training log can also be a saviour in that moment when it feels like you haven't made any progress. Just pick it up and compare your current time, used weights or distance to the ones you did a year ago. That can bring a smile on your face and motivate you to push even harder.

What to include to your training log? Whatever you may feel is important - and then some! Dates, bodyweights, distances, times, weights are all vital, but also your comments about your training sessions, particular exercises and your progress can be very helpful when you look back on your training.

If you don't already have a training log, start one now, either the good old paper version, online at Veganfitness - or both. The beauty of an online training log is that other people can comment on your progress and give support and opinions as well.

See Veganfitness members training logs at:


Random Recipe of the month:

Favourite smoothies and shakes
Please add your own to the list!


Monthly tips on how to use the board:

The ways to see new topics and messages

One of the key benefits of being a registered member is that you can easily see the new posts since you last visited the site. There are many ways to do this:

1. Click on the "View posts since last visit" link on the top on your right hand side. This will list all topics which have new posts since you last visited the site sorted in order of the last post in that topic.
2. When you are on the front page all those topics with a red symbol on the left hand side have new messages in them.
3. When you are in a forum, those topics with new messages in them will have a red symbol on the right hand side.

Note that sometimes when you click on the red square symbol next to the users nick in the "Last post" column, it will take you to the last post in that thread and you may miss some earlier posts.

If you don't visit very often and there are bewildering amount of new posts, you can "mark" all posts read and get rid of the red symbols by clicking on "mark all posts read" on top of each topic list.

Please note that these tips work only when you are logged in.


Changes on the board

We added a new section "New member introductions". The title says it all, though old members are welcome to introduce themselves as well :)

Come in and say hi at


Do not worry about this newsletter clogging up your mail inbox as it will come out only once every 1-2 months or so. If you wish to change your email, please use the profile edit page at: ... ditprofile

Suggestions, comments, feedback about the newsletter, please see:
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