Veganfitness newsletter 3/04

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Veganfitness newsletter 3/04

Postby JP » Mon Oct 25, 2004 5:16 pm

Hello from board site admins!

It has been ages since we sent out the last newsletter, but the board is still going strong. To those who have not been around for a while, it is well worth the visit. There are plenty of new members and the current structure of the board is reflected in a more specific split of subjects to do with different sports and dietary questions.

The forums are:

Vegan Nutrition
- Diets, Nutrition and Healthy Eating
- New Vegan
- Vegan Products and Supplements
- Vegan Recipes

- Bodybuilding and Training with Weights
- Power and Strength
- Martial Arts
- Endurance, Cardio and Other Sports
- Holistic Forum
- Training Logs

- New member introductions
- Vegan activism and events
- Ethics, Politics and Current Affairs
- General Discussion


Sponsor vegan marathon runner!
have a look:
Fiona Oakes, a vegan marathon runner and the person behind Tower Hill Stables animal sanctuary ( ) is doing a sponsored marathon run to raise funds for the sanctuary.


Some of our members have been busy competing in powerlifting. Visit this URL for competition reports and photos:

---------------------------------- member tylerm made fantastic decals and is willing to send them for VF members in US and Canada for free! Members elsewhere, please send a message to either Rochelle or JP. Have a look at this thread:


J has collected a list of vegan athletes on this thread:
If you know any missing ones or know a site which can provide further evidence on any of the existing athletes in the list, please reply to the thread. The list is getting quite impressive indeed.


Do not worry about this newsletter clogging up your mail inbox as it will come out very rarely. If you wish to change your email, please use the profile edit page at: ... ditprofile
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