Vegan Fitness transformation

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Vegan Fitness transformation

Postby athlegan » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:56 am

Howdy, fellow broccoli beasts! :) As you might have noticed there have been some technical problems with this forum lately. Most of it's been fixed and now we even have the ability to post new messages again, hehe!

I've moved the forum to a new server to save some money (everything's payed from my own pocket) and to make it easier to work with going forward. This is what's been causing the technical problems. If you bump into anything else just let me know at and I'll take care of it.

Going forward there are some changes I'd like to do to I wanted to post here to get feedback before I go ahead, so please share any thoughts you have!

- I'll redesign the forum to have a much better overview and usability. Right now it's needlessly hard to see what's new and I'd like to give it a more familiar feeling.

- Some recurring threads, like the vegan strength tables, will be made into semi-automated tools and given the prominence they deserve.

- For my own sanity I'll automate more anti-spam measures. We're getting maybe twenty threads per week now slipping through that I have to manually delete to keep the forum nice and clean.

- Finally, I want to marry this forum with I'm not entirely sure how yet but since Athlegan has editorial content with research into specific areas on vegan fitness it feels like a good match to bring the two together. One option is to drop the Vegan Fitness "brand" and move this forum to be the discussion area of Athlegan.

This is side project for me and with a full-time job and a newborn these changes will definitely not all be implemented by next week. :) If anyone wants to help, however, I'd definitely appreciate that. In whatever capacity. Shoot me an email ( and let's talk!
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