Vegan Fitness Week Tuscany a Resounding Success !


"I don't speak English, I don't write in English and I don't even understand it. Nevertheless, after the Vegan Fitness Week at La Spinella, I am under the clear impression we all spoke the same language, one made of respect, compassion and love. Love towards all the creatures of the world. It's a language which gives voice to those who cannot speak, to all those who scream unheard within their pain. It doesn't matter what the tone, cadence or origin might be. What really is important is that this voice doesn't ever weaken, that it always makes itself heard, that it lives.

Our 'convoy' overtook a truck transporting cows on the freeway, on our trip back to Sansepolcro, after a day spent at the beach on Thursday the 9th of August. I strongly felt that voice in my car, even if silence was reigning. The compassionate look was the same on everybody. It was the language that unites us. I was certain that the same language was spoken in the other cars as well, in those at the front and in those at back of mine.

I thank you all for the wonderful experience, Francesco in particular for the organization, and everybody for having made the choice of becoming vegan.

I hope to make it the next year as well. I don't know if I will be speaking English, but I for sure know that the same language will continue to make us one and the same."

Pictures are starting to be put up in the VFW Tuscany pics! thread, keep posted for a full review once everyone has recovered from tanning and curls. 




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Vegan Fitness Week 2012 Tuscany

As always, even next summer will see our team organize a weeklong holiday, in which we will practise a lot of sport and eat tons of excellent vegan food. Previous years' experiences have proved it an epic event. In particular it's possible to forge new friendships and reinforce old ones.

** more details on the 2012 VF Week Page **


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