London Vegan New Year’s Eve Party with FGV

Our friend the Fat Gay Vegan has organised a NYE event starting at one of the best Vegan restuarants in London. Followed by celebrations at a pub and an after party. Join 100 other vegans and start off 2014 in style. 

Urban Escrima London

Urban Escrima teach realistic self defence training in London to better enable practitioners to protect themselves in confrontations or violent situations which may arise. We teach practitioners how to defend themselves from a variety of attacks, including weapon awareness. 

Urban Escrima is structured on a non-hierarchical basis (as much as martial arts can be). Both Instructors are vegan, one for many years. The club also has a number of vegans and vegetarians, which has created a really nice and camaraderie training environment. The club is not a vegan club, although many vegans / vegetarians seem to have gravitated to us, which we are very happy about. 

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