National Silver for Emily

Vegan Vegan Vegan Women Boxing Champion Emily Jans Australian

Boxer, kickboxer and drummer Emily Jans won the Australian Amateur boxing title last year and defended it against the best in her country.



McDonalds signage features athlete in "Go Vegan!" kit

One of our forum members was very unhappy to find an image of him used without his permission on large signage of a local McDonalds. The joke however is on McDonalds as in the photo he is wearing full Go Vegan! kit. 

For the full story check out the blog post


World Bronze for Meagan

Pairs skater Meagan Duhamel and her partner have acheived their ambition of a bronze medal at the World Championships this month.

Lady vegan beats the men over 100 miles

Ultra runner Catra Corbett took on the Razorback 100 mile event this month and came away with overall first place, beating all the men as well as her female rivals.

Scott named as one of the greats

Ultra marathon runner Scott Jurek was recently featured in a Runners World evaluation of the greatest runners of all time.  Scott made the last eight.

World Gold!

It's only February and Meagan Duhamel has won her second Gold of the year.  It's also her first international title.

New Sarah Stewart interview

In the latest installment of our series of interviews with Paralympian, Sarah Stewart, we learn about her diet, some of her favourite foods and her view on supplements. Check it out.


Second gold for Meagan!

Canadian skater Meagan Duhamel has successfully defended her national title in an incredibly high standard national competition.

Start a training log and nail your goals for 2013

How is your 2013 training going? For extra motivation or to get help why not start a training log. has over 50 active training logs with athletes from every aspect of sport, including Powerlifting, Strongman, Endurance Running, Triathlon, Mountain Biking and Rowing. 

Start a training log today and follow other vegan athletes for maximum results this year.

Sarah Stewart Interview

Sarah Stewart has had another terrific year which included winning a Silver paralympic medal and being nominated as one fo the five Vegan Athletes of the year. The Australian wheelchair basketball player has fitted in this with a busy schedule that involves study towards post degree qualifications and teaching.


We were particularly grateful to Sarah for taking some time out of her schedule to speak to GVA about her medals, competition and veganism.


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