Urban Escrima London

Urban Escrima teach realistic self defence training in London to better enable practitioners to protect themselves in confrontations or violent situations which may arise. We teach practitioners how to defend themselves from a variety of attacks, including weapon awareness. 

Urban Escrima is structured on a non-hierarchical basis (as much as martial arts can be). Both Instructors are vegan, one for many years. The club also has a number of vegans and vegetarians, which has created a really nice and camaraderie training environment. The club is not a vegan club, although many vegans / vegetarians seem to have gravitated to us, which we are very happy about. 

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Tough win for Jake Shields

Mixed Martial Artist Jake Shields was considered the underdog against Tyron Woodley, a fighter known for formidable grappling skills.  The fight wasn't considered a classic but Shields won by using tactical skills, high levels of fitness and excellent striking.

Fell running success for Helen

Vet, vegan and fell runner Helen Fines has recorded a victory in a high quality field in the British Champions race this year.

This comes after second places is Snowdon Internationa race and British Fell Running Championships.  She also set a course record in an Italian mountain race.


Canyon climb video shows Steph's skills

Steph Davis is continuing to push the boundaries of her sport and has recently been featured on the front page of ‘Climbing’ magazine.

Ebdon makes history

Peter Ebdon has reached the final stages of the World Snooker championships for the 22nd consecutive time, a historical milestone for the vegan.

Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian at FIBO Champions League

vegan vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian FIBO Champions League victory weight bodybuilder

German strongman Patrik Baboumian was invited to compete against some of the world's strength elite this month.  Despite the high standard Patrik made an impression on the event and emphasised that his place among the world's best is justified.

Course record at North Pole marathon

North Pole Marathon Fiona Oakes Vegan Athlete Vegan Marathon

In another tough challenge, vegan athlete Fiona Oakes ran the North Pole marathon in extreme conditions.  Her performance was outstanding and resulted in a course record and victory in the women's race.

More of our interview with Sarah Stewart

Sarah discusses the reactions she has received from team dietitians.


Fiona Oakes runs in the Arctic marathon

Marathon and ultra marathon runners Fiona Oakes is taking on one of her toughest challenges yet - a marathon run across Polar ice caps in temperatures of -30 C and below.  This is part of her plan to join the elite group of runners who have run on all continents and the polar cap.


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