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 Vegan Fitness is an online community where people with a passion for athletics and a vegan lifestyle can share tips, ideas, stories, and learn more about high profile figures who have successfully incorporated being an athlete and being vegan.


Frostfire - The general “atmosphere” Vegan Fitness strives for is one of mutual support, encouragement, and where one can obtain helpful information and advice. The forum moderators strive to keep all information that is disseminated by users as scientifically accurate as possible to avoid fad, for profit, or fabricated diets, routines, or other schemes that are all too often prevalent in the fitness world.


There are special pages for vegan running and vegan cycling - as they tend to be the most common and popular sports - but take a look on the Vegan Fitness forum and there can be found an abundance of subjects on anything to do with fitness and veganism, from general enquiries about adequate nutrition while training as a vegan athlete, to broader subjects such as events, campaigning and advice on travelling internationally as a vegan athlete.


Vegan Fitness was founded on the notion that, contrary to popular opinion, vegan athletes and fitness enthusiastics CAN be successful in their field and as healthy as any non-vegan athlete - if not more!




Being a vegan is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. This includes, but is not limited to not eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, & honey. Also vegans do not use animal products such as leather, wool or silk and as such try to limit or eradicate the use of any animal products in their life.



There is a wealth of information, guidance, recipes and more at the vegan society website. They also link to a large number of other vegan resources so make use!


Vegan Fitness primarily endorses achieving peak fitness in any sports field following a vegan diet, in addition to providing a space for members to share tips and advice and mutual motivation. With that in consideration, you would probably derive more benefit from VF membership if you share the same vegan "philosophy". At the very least, in order to participate you should be respectful of organism and not try to "sway" or criticize members. In short, ideally you should be striving towards a healthy mind and body, good sportsman/womanship

and a vegan lifestyle to get full advantage out of membership.



  • Carl Lewis (1980s World Athlete of the Decade)

  • Kenneth G. Williams (America's first vegan bodybuilding champion)

  • Fiona Oakes (British runner who recently ran a marathon at the North Pole and who also runs an animal sanctuary)

  • Jason Sager (ranked in cycling US top 10)

  • Leilani Munter (environmental activist and one of the few female competitors in professional race driving).

  • For many more see the Great Vegan Athletes main website!

Come on in, join the forum and ask! :) We are here to help people on their journey into veganism.


However, there are some good resources available, of which The Animal Free Shopper is probably the most comprehensive. You can buy this as a book from The Vegan Society website but it is also availble as an online searchable database from the links above.

The forum has taptalk installed, which mean you can browse the forum (and many others) via the App Tapatalk. The forum support both the Pro version and the free version.

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This has nothing to do with a vegan diet or even a dietary deficiency. The most common causes are a fungal infection or physical damage from knocking your nail against something. Go see your Doctor or medical professional for advice.


Alert one of our friendly team to your local hero and we'll give him/her a shout-out on Vegan Fitness :-)

Absolutely - that is the whole point of the Vegan Fitness website :-)


For evidence, look no further than the many members of the Vegan Fitness forums and also have a look at the Great Vegan Athletes hall of fame to see many vegan men and women at the top of their game.  


If these anecdotes are not enough, even the Academy of Dietics and Nutrition has chimed in on it, ‘Well-planned vegetarian diets that meet energy needs and contain a variety of plant-based protein foods, such as soy products, other legumes (beans), grains, nuts and seeds can provide adequate protein for athletes without the use of special foods or supplements.’

Many vegans, especially those taking on a vegan diet for ethical/moral reasons, will feel strongly about animal rights and welfare, and will often actively support and campaign on issues relating to animal welfare.

Crystal/Frostfire of Vegan Fitness submits a definition, found in a poem, for a vegan:

"Though it is commonly portrayed and perceived as nothing more than a diet that excludes animal products, veganism is an ethical philosophy that rejects the commodity status of ALL animals (including bees whose food we steal only to burn them alive afterwards and silkworms whom we boil alive for their silk), not just "food" animals. Vegans are against the enslavement, exploitation and killing of animals for food, entertainment, clothing, cosmetics, experimentation, etc. purposes; veganism is about animal liberation."

Protein Combining is a popular myth. In short, you DO need the full range of essential amino acids in your day but not necessarily in every meal. Read the entry on 'High Quality or Complete Protein' here It is also important to note that some vegan protein sources should be considered complete proteins on their own (read this for some suggestions on how to get the best quality protein).


Plenty! And here are some:


- Nuts

- Soy (for the most part go for tofu/miso over the more highly processed versions)

- Protein Powders (good vegan alternatives to whey are pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, soy protein)


- Quinoa


- Oats


- Grains (Cous Cous, Bulgar Wheat, Brown Rice etc)


- Wheat Gluten


- Brewers Yeast


- Chickpeas (very cheap) Hummus is a convenient source!


- Lentils (very cheap)


- Beans (very cheap)


- Peanuts (very cheap)


Many types of vegetables naturally have certain quantities of protein. If extra protein is required in your diet (in bodybuilding for example), Vegan Fitness provides particular information on artificial sources of vegan protein:


Where can one buy vegan protein powders cheaply?


Buy in bulk from some of the following places

Vegan Fitness have compiled a Vegan Personal Trainer Directory with the help of our forum and facebook group members. It contains a list of vegan personal trainers including the regions they work in.


Make use of the forums which are related to local events and goings-on, and pitch your idea to see how many others would be interested and willing/able to join in. Go onto our Facebook/Twitter pages too and make your event idea known! If you want any tips or inspiration to get things going, get in touch with us directly and we'll be more than happy to help where we can!

Then feel free to send us an invitation :-)

There is a lot of "newbie" vegan information out there, which is primarily aimed at people who are crossing the divide between the conventional non-vegan way of life into a vegan lifestyle. Some people have to do this gradually, while others can jump right in. While some, but not all, will struggle with the transition and may even give up completely, there are many stories from long-term vegans, and how they keep going and stay strong in their lifestyle. 

The following link offers testimonies from long-term vegans, and basically, what keeps them going on the path they've chosen: