What is Vegan Fitness?


 Vegan Fitness is an online community where people with a passion for athletics and a vegan lifestyle can share tips, ideas, stories, and learn more about high profile figures who have successfully incorporated being an athlete and being vegan.


Frostfire - The general “atmosphere” Vegan Fitness strives for is one of mutual support, encouragement, and where one can obtain helpful information and advice. The forum moderators strive to keep all information that is disseminated by users as scientifically accurate as possible to avoid fad, for profit, or fabricated diets, routines, or other schemes that are all too often prevalent in the fitness world.


There are special pages for vegan running and vegan cycling - as they tend to be the most common and popular sports - but take a look on the Vegan Fitness forum and there can be found an abundance of subjects on anything to do with fitness and veganism, from general enquiries about adequate nutrition while training as a vegan athlete, to broader subjects such as events, campaigning and advice on travelling internationally as a vegan athlete.


Vegan Fitness was founded on the notion that, contrary to popular opinion, vegan athletes and fitness enthusiastics CAN be successful in their field and as healthy as any non-vegan athlete - if not more!