What are some good/the best sources of vegan protein?


Plenty! And here are some:


- Nuts

- Soy (for the most part go for tofu/miso over the more highly processed versions)

- Protein Powders (good vegan alternatives to whey are pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, soy protein)


- Quinoa


- Oats


- Grains (Cous Cous, Bulgar Wheat, Brown Rice etc)


- Wheat Gluten


- Brewers Yeast


- Chickpeas (very cheap) Hummus is a convenient source!


- Lentils (very cheap)


- Beans (very cheap)


- Peanuts (very cheap)


Many types of vegetables naturally have certain quantities of protein. If extra protein is required in your diet (in bodybuilding for example), Vegan Fitness provides particular information on artificial sources of vegan protein:


Where can one buy vegan protein powders cheaply?


Buy in bulk from some of the following places