Vegan Strength

Vegan Fitness is home to many strength athletes including competitive powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongmen and Olympic lifters. Along with recretational gym and crossfit athletes. 

The main focus of the strength section of the forum is the Vegan Strength Table, listing nearly 200 forum member's lifting totals. As the table includes members of varied abilities, including some elite athletes, it provides motivation to try and catch the people above you in the table. Other more light hearted threads related to the strength forum include the infamous Bulkers Corner, charting the exploits of many athletes putting on weight "bulking" with a vegan diet.

The strength athletes participating in Vegan Fitness come from all over the world. Two of the most active strength communites linked with Vegan Fitness are MVS (Melbourne Vegan Strength) and Vegan Strength Germany.

Melbourne Vegan Strength is an informal crew of lifters who are also involved in many community events around Melbourne, they use Vegan Fitness as there official forum. More can be found out about Melbourne Vegan Strength crew on their home page

Vegan Strength Germany run a german language forum and facebook group. They also organise succesful strength gatherings, stalls at vegan events and strength demonstrations.