Vegan Fitness is a site built around our community driven message board which seeks to provide a supportive, educational and friendly environment for vegans, vegetarians and those seeking to go vegan. 

The subject range covers all matters relating to nutrition, food, diet and sport specific information no matter what the activity or the experience level is. 

Various members organise meetings or meals online in their local cities & as a community we organise yearly holidays where we meet up, take part in a bunch of sports and eat a ton of great vegan food. 

Our message board is moderated by a number of active members, and there are few 'rules' however as an online community we encourage people to 

  • Introduce themselves in the introduction section
  • Treat other members with respect
  • Be objective with knowledge and advice (discussions are welcome so unsubstatiated claims are often challenged!)
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic and other discriminatory messages will be edited by moderators and the poster may be banned. This also includes anti-vegan posts and posts promoting animal products.
  • Live & train healthily and with compassion :)